The Hicks Foundation

The Hicks Foundation’s education campaign, “Mission Possible,” is a series of local gatherings that encourage dialogue about HPV and Cervical Cancer prevention. These gatherings endeavor to educate every woman in Vermont about simple steps they can take to protect themselves against cervical cancer.  Allison Hicks shares her experience as a cervical cancer survivor and a partnering doctor is present to answer medical questions. A Hicks staff member is also available to facilitate the conversation and, when appropriate, to link women with further health care and insurance options and to provide follow up education and resources. These small gatherings are hosted around kitchen tables, coffee shops, and conference rooms and train an ever-growing team of citizen educators.

Allison is also available to speak with local health classes and groups that would benefit from hearing her first-hand story of surviving cervical cancer.

Contact us if you’re interested in hosting a Mission Possible event. You gather your friends, colleagues or community members. We provide the support and resources you need. Together we can stop the spread of HPV and start spreading the information and tools that help all women stay healthy.

Uninsured? You don’t have to wait for a Mission Possible event or Free Screening Day, click on our “get health care” link.

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