The Hicks Foundation

The Hicks Foundation Joins the global Pearl of Wisdom Campaign to eradicate cervical cancer worldwide!

The Hicks Foundation is pleased to announce that we are partnering with a broad coalition of women’s health and advocacy organizations that will work together to stamp out cervical cancer worldwide.

The Pearl of Wisdom™ Campaign to Prevent Cervical Cancer ( is a united, global effort to raise awareness of the opportunities now available to prevent cervical cancer.  The campaign will increase awareness of the new tools that are now available to prevent cervical cancer, encourage women to take full advantage of these tools, and advocate for the implementation of these tools for girls and women everywhere.

We will promote the Pearl of Wisdom as the global symbol of cervical cancer prevention to increase public recognition of the campaign in the same way the pink ribbon serves the breast cancer campaign. In addition, we, along with the other campaign partners, are distributing simple, consistent key messages about cervical cancer to ensure our collective voices will effectively reach women.

  • Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide. In the U.S., 11,070 women will have been diagnosed with cervical cancer and 3,870 will have died from it in 2008.
  • Cervical cancer can be prevented using the Pap test, the HPV test and the HPV vaccine.
  • Working together, we can make sure that girls and women everywhere have access to these life-saving tools.

The Hicks Foundation will weave this campaign into our Mission Possible education events.


Support the Campaign

Start the conversation. Purchase a Pearl of Wisdom pin, designed specifically in support of cervical cancer awareness and prevention, at Then wear pin and tell others why. (All proceeds go to the U.S. Pearl of Wisdom Campaign Fund to support cervical cancer prevention activities.)

  • Purchase additional pins for colleagues, friends, and family members.
  • Obtain a digital pin or banner linking your affiliate’s website to the campaign.
  • Download and print the Pearl of Wisdom Poster to hang in your office and the Pearl of Wisdom Campaign Flyer to hand out at events.
  • Share their mission wherever you can!