The Hicks Foundation

The Hicks Foundation advocates for increased awareness of the link between HPV and Cervical Cancer and for affordable access to the HPV vaccine.

We have partnered our advocacy efforts with state organizations and legislators, lead by former State Rep. Denise Barnard (D-Richmond), to educate the legislature through annual “HPV dinners”. We were thrilled when these efforts were rewarded with state funding for HPV vaccinations for girls 9-18 in Vermont.

Allison Hicks, our founder, was honored with a Legislative Resolution in 2007 for her efforts to help eradicate cervical cancer in Vermont.

We continue to work closely with policy makers to re-visit state HPV education plans, vaccination funding, and education dollars to money set aside for vaccine so women, parents and teens can make well-informed individualized choices about whether to receive the HPV vaccine series. The Hicks Foundation strongly believes that this choice should not be based on cost or availability. The vaccine costs a minimum of $360 for the three dose series and is simply unaffordable for many women and teens without financial support.

The advocacy work of the Hicks Foundation has been recognized by the City of Burlington as well as the Vermont State Legislature as a pioneer in championing access to HPV tests, screening and vaccinations that could save Vermonters’ lives.

Allison was interviewed in 2008 by CNN for a month long piece which aired nationwide, she has also been interviewed by local news affiliates for our local advocacy work.