The Hicks Foundation

In October of 2004 Allison was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer at the age of 29. Within days of the diagnosis she underwent radical surgery. The surgery left her unable to bear children. Allison’s trauma was particularly intense because she is a trained doula, whose work is caring for mothers and babies.

Allison saw this experience as a call to action. Within months of completing chemotherapy and radiation treatment she started the Hicks Foundation, a 501c 3 organization dedicated to eradicating cervical cancer in Vermont. Allison was determined that women with cervical cancer would be diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible. Allison’s foundation arranges free medical screening for women and girls, partially funds follow up treatment, and provides educational materials and workshops related to decreasing the spread of HPV and eradicating cervical cancer in the State of Vermont.

Allison has turned her tragedy into triumph. She is a local leader in the fight to eradicate cervical cancer. Through partnerships with health care providers, schools, legislators, and the VT girl Scout council Allison collaborates to send the message: this cancer is virtually100% preventable. The powerful triangle of education, prevention and screening will ensure that the next generation of Vermont women won’t have to experience the same suffering that Allison did.