The Hicks Foundation

Together we can eradicate cervical cancer! You can help.

This November, Allison spoke before hundreds of women at the Annual Women in Government Conference in Washington D.C. about her work advocating for cervical cancer prevention legislation.  Allison took the stage on a monumental day: five years ago, to the day, she began her own treatment for cervical cancer.

Allison’s journey to eradicate cervical cancer in Vermont began with her own diagnosis. Her desire to start The Hicks Foundation came from a belief that we can do better.  Each one of us can contribute to the health of those around us.

Five years after Allison’s diagnosis we are overjoyed to celebrate her recovery and the thriving organization that The Hicks Foundation has become. Our Free Screening Days have served hundreds of women in Vermont. Our Education program, Mission Possible, has reached over 45,000 Vermonters, primarily women and girls with simple steps they can take to prevent HPV and cervical cancer. Our Policy program successfully advocated for State funding of the HPV vaccine, a landmark advancement in cervical cancer prevention.

While we celebrate our successes, we are sobered by the current economic landscape. In Vermont we have watched as our neighbors and friends lose their jobs and health insurance.  We know that cervical cancer is nearly 100% preventable with screening and treatment, but this heartening fact is illusory for women who can’t afford even the most basic care.

Women deserve care and the knowledge to protect themselves.

Join our fight. Give as generously as you can to support The Hicks Foundation.